About the Israel Chamber of Trustees

The Israel Chamber of Trustees encompasses members working in professions that require a broad range of knowledge in the fields and aspects of trusteeships. Many of them are attorneys, accountants, financial and family office managers and organizational consultants to wealthy families.

Similar to the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel, the Israel Chamber of Trustees is a voluntary organization and its members are involved and actively promoting the profession by changing and adapting the legislative processes pertaining to the functions of the “trustee” in Israel.

The “trustee,” as a role, is a broad name for many functions, such as: estate executors, finance managers, guardians, trustees and protectors in trusts, managers of religious endowments, agents, etc.

The Chamber of Trustees has given top priority to promoting professional knowledge among its members by organizing seminars, providing professional information, publishing professional literature and improving the relevant knowledge among the legislators. The Chamber of Trustees will publish professional information pertaining to laws and subjects that are relevant to its members, such as inheritance disputes (the Inheritance Law, the Gifts Law, and the Property Relations Law), trusts (the Trusteeship Law, the Agency Law and the Income Tax Ordinance), etc.

The Chamber of Trustees has international ties with other such chambers around the world – but its emphasis is on Israel and her needs, and the needs of the Israeli population.

In contrast to other associations of professionals operating in Israel, the Israel Chamber of Trustees is not an international body seeking to establish a branch in Israel as a profit-making venture, nor does the Chamber of Trustees require a membership fee.